Як я сумний, коби розвеселила

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Слова: Mickey and Bunny
Мелодія: "I Want To Be Loved" - Johnny & Walter Bails
Як я сумний - коби розвеселила
І вірним серцем любила мене
Коби кохала мене - шанувала,
В щасливім життю жити будем все.
I want someone to help me in my sorrow
And someone whose heart is always true,
And someone who will stay with me forever,
І want to be loved but only by you.
I want to be kissed but only by your lips dear,
For you're the only one who'll ever do.
I want someone to hug and call me honey,
I want to be loved but only by you.
If ever you decide to love me darlin'
And tell me that your heart to me is true
Then we'll be happy in our home together,
I want to be loved but only by you.

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