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Korinya ("roots" in English), began as a family band in 2005. It has since developed into a contemporary folk band with a fresh, grassroots sound. Their music brings the village band tradition and Ukrainian musical heritage into the context of modern life in the diaspora, and to music enthusiasts of all walks of life.

The band has toured through Canada, the US and Ukraine, playing at weddings, events and festivals, including the Bloor West Village Toronto Ukrainian Festival (Toronto, Ontario, Canada), the Clearwater's Great Hudson Revival (New York, USA) and the Boyko Festival (Turka, Lviv, Ukraine) where in 2012, Korinya won first place. Members include Sana Shepko (violin), Zoya Shepko (accordion), Alina Kuzma (vocals), and Nick Hladio (double bass). The group has two full-length studio albums: Korinya (2013), and Zemlya (2017), a live recording album: En Route Tour 2019, and a digital EP, Lisom Lisom (2021). You can find Korinya's music on all major music streaming sites.


Korinya (2013)

  • Tycha voda
  • Tomu kosa
  • Oj, shto zh to za shum
  • Tarantali tancok
  • Verbovaya doshchechka
  • Tsyhany
  • Nese halya vodu
  • Ivanku, Ivanku
  • Arkan

Zemlya (2017)

En Route Tour 2019: Live at Drom Taberna (2019)

  • Ой п'є козак (Oi, p'ye kozak)
  • Lisom, lisom
  • Kalyna-malyna
  • Ivanku, Ivanku
  • Hutsul'ski melodii
  • Chomu bdzholy
  • Dushko moia
  • Torontali tancok
  • Oi, u Kyivi
  • A v nashoho khaziaina
  • Holubka
  • Oi na hori pen' sosnovij
  • Kyiv'ska oira
  • Oi, Marichko
  • Dunayu, Dunayu
  • Te aven baxtale
  • Arkan
  • Ой, я знаю, що гріх маю (Oi, ya znayu, shcho hrikh mayu)

Vesnianky (2020)

  • Vesnianky

Lisom, Pt. 1 (2021)