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However the prize was too large. Still, he needed to have acknowledged the vulnerability his drinking presented, and pulled his title off the checklist early, earlier than being nominated. Otherwise stellar candidates for public positions have disqualified themselves for not having paid taxes on individuals who did youngster care. They acknowledged their vulnerability. Feinstein have to know in leaking Washington she could not keep the letter confidential. That may have taken her off the ailing-fated path of trying to do so. She would have devised a greater path ahead. I give her no go. Democrats, say Schumer, wanted to foresee the Republicans ramming this by. It was apparent the Republicans would take stern and uncomfortable measures to get approval. I give him a "B minus" or worse. And i give him no move. Republicans needed to respect our nation. The Supreme Court must be balanced, above reproach, a sentinel of intellectual and authorized rigor. McConnell, and the Republicans, by nominating an individual that would unbalance the court, mistook their ideology as essentially God-like. They did not see that to lock one's political philosophy into the authorized institution of the Supreme Court represents an inappropriate enshrinement. Republican curiosity. I give him virtually a failing grade, on this inability. And i give him no cross. Yes, we would have liked foresight. And nobody demonstrated it.
Supreme Hat 5 Panel

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