А уні куні ча

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Racist Song

This song is being kept on WikiSpiv for historical reference. It is racist and should not be sung at all anymore.

This song is an example of offensive Native American cultural appropriation. It began as a traditional Arapaho hymn called "Ani Couni Chaouani". This was borrowed into American Boy and Girl scouts as "A-Woonie-Koonie", mangling the lyrics and completely removing their original meaning. This version was borrowed more-or-less directly by American or Canadian Plastuny. Also see "Boy Scouts ‘have been one of the worst culprits’ of cultural appropriation".
Мелодія: "A-Woonie-Koonie" / "Ani Couni Chaouani"
А уні куні ча а уні (2)
Ай ай ай ипі ай кай єрис (2)
А у, а у, а уні кічі