Гори, гори любовь цыганки

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Гори, гори любовь цыганки
Любовь красавицы смуглянки.
Царит над нами сила властная,
Царит без дел любовь прекрасная. (2)
Я цыган сын воли и полей,
Помню я безумие ночей,
Песни, пляски, дивный звон гитар
И любви пленительный угар
Лишь только хор цыганок запоёт,
Песня душу ласко обожжёт.
И прольется в серця сладкий яд,
А гитары плачут и звенят.
Но всё прошло, исчезло словно сон
Где же ты гитары милый звон?
Отзвучали песенки цыган
Нам но закрыть любимый ресторан
И в разлуке с милою Москвой
Я буду пить на стороне чужой
И в Париже песенки цыган
Я буду пить для милых парижан

Варіянт[ ]

  • Я цыган сын воли и полей
  • Я цыганка дочь воли и полей,
  • А то закрыть любимый ресторан
  • Эх, далёк мой табор-караван

Macaronic[ ]

Слова: Gene Raskin or The Limeliters
Мелодія: "Гори-гори любовь цыганки"
Припев 1:
Гори, гори любовь цыганки
Любовь красавицы смуглянки.
Царит над нами сила властная,
Царит без дел любовь прекрасная.
Had a wife. She was a swinging chick
Til on me fate played a lousy trick.
We were happy, oh we were happy then
In our pad with Bartók and with Zen.
Then one day, one sad and fateful day
I took her to the Moiseyev Ballet - Hey!
The Russian kick has ruined my chick for me,
Victimized by Sol Hurokracy!
Припев 2:
Гори, гори! My heart's a flaming torch
For breakfast, lunch, and dinner I get borscht
In Arthur Murray's акедемия
She's learning how to dance казацкая
Припев 3:
Гори, гори! She wears a cossack blouse
She dances wildly all around the house
Tomorrow morning they will find me dead
She even wears her Russian boots in bed
Ah! The days - the golden days we knew
Reading verse while Charlie Parker blew
Raising beers was just a game we played
While avoiding anywhere that paid
Now those days are very, very far
And he is only from a samovar, hey!
She's turned me into something pretty strange
A crazy, mixed up, cultural exchange
Припев 3.
Припев 1.

Словник[ ]

  • Sol Hurokracy = Sol Hurok was the impresario who brought the Moiseyev Ballet to the US.
  • Arthur Murray = Founder of very popular dance studio chain
  • Charlie Parker = Jazz saxophonist

Історія[ ]


Once again it is Gypsy time. On Elektra Records. You know some Russian Gypsy songs have as their theme, so to speak, how happy it is to be miserable. Others say how miserable it is to be happy. Well gents, this one's different, it'd say, how miserable it is to be miserable.

NOTE: While normally we do not include Russian-language songs, an exception is being made due to the popularity of the diasporic Ukrainian song Гори, гори, which this song is the base for, as well as the lack of documentation for the diasporic Limeliters versions of this song, which were the versions that the Ukrainian version's authors were familiar with.

The English language version seems to have been first performed by The Limeliters. A comment on a forum suggested that Gene Raskin wrote the English lyrics, which would be consistent with other English translations by him which were later sung by the Limeliters (e.g. Those were the days).

Виконання[ ]