Дунаю, дунаю

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Contains Corporal Punishment

This song mentions hitting a minor as a punishment. We don't think the depiction is so egregious that it shouldn't be sung, but consider having a conversation about the historical context when teaching the song.

Corporal punishment of children was traditionally acceptable in Ukrainian culture and its depiction in this song is not egregious, so we do not think singing this song should be banned. However, there is an abundance of research showing that beating results in numerous negative effects in children. Beating minors is never acceptable and should not be normalized.

Ой, послала мене мати,
До Дунаю хусти прати.
Ой, послала мене мати,
До Дунаю хусти прати.
Дунаю, Дунаю,
Дунаєчку, Дунаю,
Яка в тебе зимна вода
На краю, на краю! (2)
Ой, не прала, ой, не прала,
З парубками простояла. (2)
За те мене мати била,
Щоб я хлопців не любила. (2)
Я ж нікого не любила,
Тільки Гриця та Данила,
Тільки Петра та Степана,
Кучерявого Івана.
Сватай, сватай мене, Грицю,
Казав батько: дам телицю,
Казав батько: дам вола,
Щоби дома не була!