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Слова: Ron Cahute & Ihor Baczynskyj
Мелодія: ?
It was a Saturday night
At the просвіта, she was cooking
And all the guys who knew her
They all said she was good looking
He figured he would go down
And look her over just to see
And so he borrowed a suit
And then he went downtown
To see if she was free
He walked into the hall
And he went straight for the bar
He had a couple of drinks
And then he saw her from afar
She was a vision of white
With вишиття around the brim
How could he ever have known
What was about to happen
When she looked at him?
So he just walked across the hall
And it was really kind of dark there
And as he walked into the kitchen
She was standing by the шкварки
His heart was jumping for joy
He could not wait and so he ran
But then he slipped on the floor
And landed on his face
Right in the frying pan
His face it started to fry
Just like the шкварки in the pan
The ladies started to scream
They thought he was a dying man
This one old баба she said:
Get a leaf of cabbage from the pot
She stuck it on his морда
And that's why you see
This cabbage-face he's got
For your корова, so the баба's say
Just like часник it helps you every day
For this prescription, you don't have to pay
His face is ruined for the rest of his life
How will Варвара ever be his wife?
So to the crawl space he must go

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