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Слова і музика: Walt Matys & John C. Hill
Порткі порткі
It's the style
You must wear them all the while
Red or black or blue or grey
You must wear them everyday!
Yashu wears them
Stashu wears them
Yushu wears them too hey
Тато's wearing pretty порткі
Грубі ґачі too

Варіянт[ ]

  • Тато's wearing pretty порткі
  • Wojtek's wearing pretty порткі

Словник[ ]

  • порткі = shorts (source: Dave Roman, who said that this was the word he grew up using at home for "shorts")
    • Polish "portki" means "trousers". Unclear which meaning the Matys Bros originally intended.
  • ґачі = underwear (see Polish "gacie")

Історія[ ]

Authorship info from the Matys Bros - Who stole the keeshka? LP

Виконання[ ]