Промінь сонця

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Історія[ ]

Darka wrote about this song here: https://www.facebook.com/darkaslavko/posts/225464082908114

This song speaks of the longing many first generation Ukrainians felt about Ukraine, their parent’s homeland. While Ukraine struggled behind the Iron Curtain, Ukrainian communities all over the world (United States, Canada, England, etc) kept the Ukrainian culture alive through music, art, language and education, as well as through Ukrainian summer camp and Saturday school. After years of only imagining what Ukraine was like, Darka & Slavko and their band traveled to Ukraine in 1989 for the First non-Soviet Ukrainian music festival, Chervona Ruta. This song is the first song they sang at that historic concert.

Bohdan Krutiak, one of the members of “Promin” a Ukrainian band from Chicago, Illinois is one of the principal writers of this song. Darka & Slavko dedicate this recording to him and thank him for writing such an epic power ballad that perfectly sums up the experience of first generation Ukrainians.

Виконання[ ]