Сто, сто, сто

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Слова: Ron Cahute & Ihor Baczynskyj
Мелодія: "Feeling Hot Hot Hot" - The Merrymen
Ole ole, ole ole
Ole ole, ole ole
Count to сто, сто, сто
Count to сто, сто, сто
Сто is one-hundred
Come on let's learn to count to сто-сто-сто
It's really easy
Come on let's do it, count to сто-сто-сто
We've got some tricks to help you learn
So everybody take a turn
You can teach it to your friends
Well once you've learned to count by tens
So let's learn it, learn it
So let's learn it, learn it
On Barabolya we all learned
To count to ten, that's десять
Цибуля taught us twenty
Which by now we know is двайцять
Next is line is thirty
That is трийцять, just for you
Forty equals сорок
For the next one, here's the clue
Fifty, sixty, seventy, eighty, ninety
Are the same
Десять plus the number
Together that's the name
Five is п'ять so п'ятдесят
Is fifty, that's real cool
Sixty, seventy, eighty, ninety
Follow the same rule
Sixty equals шістдесять
It's six times ten, you see
Сімдесят is ten times seven,
Which is seventy
Eight times ten is eighty,
Вісімдесят is what you say
Девятдесят is ninety
Now we've counted all the way to
Count to сто, сто, сто!
People in the back row
Сто, сто, сто!
People in the front row
Сто, сто, сто!
People in the sides there
Сто, сто, сто!
Everybody count now
Сто, сто, сто!
Thirty! Трийцять!
Forty! Сорок!
Ninety! Девятдесят!
One hundred! Сто!

Словник[ ]

  • двайцять = двадцять
  • трийцять = тридцять

Виконання[ ]