Україна, окей

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Слова: Ron Cahute & Ihor Baczynskyj
Мелодія: "Oklahoma!" - Oklahoma!
Where the wind comes
Sweeping down the plain.
Where the kozaks dance
In their baggy pants,
And the fields are
Always filled with grain!
Every night my honey bunch and I
Як приємно тут
Watch that old когут
Cockadoodle to the morning sky!
Our hearts they belong to the hills
The commies are hiding their stills
Just like a Uke
We got rid of Кравчук
Now Кучма's boss and we feel no pain Україна
Україна, окей
Where the wind comes
Sweeping down the plain!
Where the Hutsuls fight
Each and every night,
Самагонка flowing
Through those veins!
Sounds good to me
We've got new currency
But we can't spend it
Give me American dollars
Україна, окей
Ой йой ой йой

Історія[ ]

Intro from "І тут буде город":

The place: Broadview. Ukrainian church hall. Basement level. The time: Ukrainian time, which is about an hour later than everyone else's time. Tonight Baczynskyj and Cahute present the first Ukrainian musical comedy hit of the year, "All that капуста", starring Billy Boyko and Lesia Lemko. There's great music, action, romance, and true to Ukrainian style, lots of arguments. And it has the critics saying, "Пять долярів? For that?"

Виконання[ ]