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The "Kuban Cossacks" ensemble was formed in 1956 in Melbourne by 3 Australians of Ukrainian descent: the brothers Sashko (Alexander) and Mykola Koumpan and Wasyl Kowalenko. Singing and dancing to Ukrainian folk tunes in colorful traditional costumes, the Kuban Cossacks soon became popular and gained international recognition. By 1989, the ensemble had given 13,000 performances in 30 countries and had participated in 160 television shows. The ensemble members were not only talented dancers but also accomplished musicians. Leter Viktor Swird joined the group as well as three singers Marien, Magie and Peta, who also participated in the recording of songs for their first album "Kuban Cossacks".

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Victor/Viktor Swird/Swired apparently passed c. 19 July, 2020, joining Sashko and Mykola, according to a YouTube comment on this video from 24 July 2020:

The sadest thing is that all of trio on front have passed away Victor Swired just passed away 5 days ago in Slough all three RIP .

I'm struggling to find their obituaries.

Nick Koumpan was the accordion player according to a comment on this video: