Baba's bakin' bread

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Слова: Russ Mitchel
Мелодія: Russ Mitchel, Dave Roman
Baba’s in the kitchen mixing up the dough
Mama folds her apron, and says she's got to go.
We're all getting dizzy standing on our heads
And everybody's happy, when Baba’s baking bread.
She's got a big black oven, that’s blacker than the night
She fills it up with firewood and mama gets the light.
The smell comes from the kitchen and goes right to your head,
The neighbors know from miles away that Baba's bakin' bread.
Worn out shoes and patches,
That’s all that we need,
Papa strokes his fiddle bow,
Till his fingers bleed.
We opened up the oven when Baba left the room,
But she just came back swinging her big old sweeping broom.
She sits us at the table till every one is fed,
And everybody's happy, when Baba's baking bread.

Історія[ ]

Written early 1990s (email conversation between Dave Roman and Danylo Centore - May 5, 2021)

Виконання[ ]

  • D-Drifters-5 - Celebration