Blue and yellow

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Yeah, ah hah
You know what it is
Blue and yellow (4)
Yeah, ah hah
You know what it is
Blue and yellow (4)
Yeah, ah hah
You know what it is
I'm a Ukie
??????? a fuckin' rookie (2)
Reading Тарас Шевченко
СКОБin' Oharenko
Blue and yellow (4)
Chopping down some big trees
Sailing down the Black Sea
Blue and yellow (4)
When you look at me
You know I'm Ukie
By the blood I bleed
Blue and yellow down my sleeve
Livin' a double life
With my brothers
Cause no strife
We're just so laid back
Dammit there's no kicking that
Swag inside
Swag everywhere
We owe the swag we have
To my man, Mr Шев
And I've got горілка
Got фасоля
'Till вечера is готова
We've got забави
Party all night 'till the sunlight
And ???????????????? Debuary
When забави go the hardest
Well guess what
I've got Ukraine
Oh bitch I grab my дощевик
'cause I make it rain
I run this shit all day
Like a Metra train
My swag is growing
Like a ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-chia
Ethical as hell
Call that shit a добре діло
Баба's workin' hard
Call that shit that Self Reliance
San Francisco can't touch us
We the real fuckin' Giants
We are defiant
Правдивий казка цілий день
Reppin' for my country
Do it for the Ukraine
Welcome to Debuary
I'm a three time veteran
Callin' all the shots
As I chill in my letterman
I'll СКОБ all my haters
Like I'm supposed to do
As I ride up and down Chicago Avenue
My мова's so flawless
Down to every відмінка
Thinkin' back to Ukie school
Damn right I passed граматика
Seventeen years later
Look at me now
Doin' what I do
To make Ukraine proud
Yeah, ah hah
You know what it is (2)
Blue sky
Yellow grain
Best believe I'm ?????????????????????
It's fundamentals baby
We got граматика
Відмінки might be shit
But that ain't stoppin' us
Let's eat some пироги
And grab some vodka
We'll sing some Ukie songs
Around the ватра
Put on that tux again
Pour some shots son
It's Debuary bitch
Sleep's not an option
We go hard every day
And we ain't close to done
Spittin' shit
It's a game
And we're the champions
Our pride is ????????????????????????
Hate if you want to but
Know Ukraine's got our back
So we don't give a fuck