Boy named Сруль

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Слова: Ron Cahute & Ihor Baczynskyj
Мелодія: "Boy named Sue" - Johnny Cash
Well тато пішов when I was three
Didn't leave much to mom and me
Just this old бандура and a half a ґальон homebrew
Я не є злій що він пішов
Але що за хольера він мене називав
Before he left he went and named me Сруль
Well I guess he thought що він смішний
Cause all the kids just laughed and ran away
And asked me if my name was really Сруль
І той що пальцем показав
Я йому зуби вибивав
I tell you life wasn't easy at Ukrainian school
Well I grew up tough and I grew up mean
На кожний брекфест я їв хрін
Капуста, ковбаса, and lots of часнику
Cause I knew I'd have to have bad breath
If I was gonna put the man to death
That son of маґуля, the man that named me Сруль
Well it was Vegreville in mid July
And a писанка caught my eye
So I thought I'd stop off and have myself a brew
And there in a field, boots full of mud
Stood my old man там коло город
That son of маґуля, the man that named me Сруль
Well I knew it was my old старий
From the тризуб ring and the cheap toupèe
As he stood there sharpening his rusty tool
I kicked a капуста right at his head
And he turned around and I saw red
And I said "How do you do? My name is Сруль! You're gonna die!"
Я тебе заб'ю
Well I hit him right between the eyes,
With a big бурак, and to my surprise,
He picked up some garlic and shoved a clove in my ear
Well we took the fight right into the street
He picked me right off of my feet
And we went past the стодола and into a pile of гній
Well I thought he was an old баняк
But he fought me like a true козак
He kicked like a mule and he bit like a crocodile
Then I heard him grunt and I heard him curse
He went for the pitchfork but I got it first
So he just sat back and looked at me and smiled
He said "sorry сину, I'm sorry son"
They found my самогонка and I had to run
So I don't blame you if you kill me dead
I said "see ya Сруль" and my heart was sick
But I never thought that name would stick
Cause frankly son, I was gonna name you Fred
I still remember the moment when
I called him my тато and he called me син
And I came away with a secret two homebrew
And I think about him now and then
And if I should ever have a син
I think I'm gonna call him Срулю number two

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