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Слова: Ron Cahute & Ihor Baczynskyj
Музика: Ron Cahute
My friends
Де є, де ви є?
Let's learn Ukrainian now
Тепер будемо вчитися
We're gonna learn right now
Our clothes all in Ukrainian
We'll have some fun, it's true
Для вас я буду співати
I'm going to sing for you
Oh let's pretend it's a school day
Mama gets us out of bed
First thing's first
We must get dressed
Hey, all you sleepy heads
If you're a boy
You start with the shirt
Put your сорочка on
But if you're a girl
It's a blouse instead
Блюзка is the one
Now come the pants
The word штани
Or спідниця, that's a skirt
Don't do your ремень up too tight
Or else your belt will hurt
Before your shoes go on your feet
Черевики, so it's said
Put your socks, шкарпетки on
Just make sure they're red
Well there's more clothes we must put on
Cause it's cold outside, you see
Let's make sure we don't get sick
Warm clothes for you and me
Put on your coat or your пальто
Here is the reason why
With your boots, your чобітки
Well you'll stay nice and dry
Don't forget to wear your hat
Your head stays warm today, now
So put on your капелюх
That's the word we say now
Two more things, a right and a left
A pair of them is cool
Рукавички, that's our gloves
Now let's go to school
Shirt! Сорочка!
Blouse! Блюзка!
Pants! Штани!
Skirt! Спідниця!
Belt! Ремень!
Shoes! Черевики!
Coat! Пальто!
Boots! Чобіти!
Hat! Капелюх!
Gloves! Рукавички!

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