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Слова: Ron Cahute & Ihor Baczynskyj
Мелодія: "You Drive Me Crazy" - Britney Spears
Think you can
Conjugate some verbs for me?
First one's really easy
It's the verb "to be"
After я, ти, він, вона, воно,
Ми, ви, вони
It never, ever changes,
No you always say "є"
Я, ти, він, вона, воно є
It's the very same thing, yeah,
For ми, ви, вони
But there's another verb to learn
And it's really neat
The verb to learn is "їсти"
And it means "to eat"
It's conjugation
And it feels alright
Use the verbs to be, to eat
And sing all night
And it sounds real neat
Ти є and then ти їси
You are what you eat
Їси is one of those
Irregular verbs
There's no tricks or pattern here
You've just got to learn
Every ending's different
No, it doesn't make sense
You've just got to memorize
The present tense
Я їм, ти їси
Він, вона їсть
The present tense is difficult
To say the least
Ми їмо, ви їсте
Вони їдять
Once you memorize it, no
It's not that hard
Can't you see
We can conjugate these verbs
You and me
Speak Ukrainian
And it feels alright
Every day and every night
Приспів (2)
Ти є and then ти їси
You are what you eat

Grammar[ ]

"Ти їси" is the correct "ти" form of "їсти" in standard literary Ukrainian. "Ти їсиш" is common colloquially. The Ukrainian diaspora often uses "ти їш", which is influenced by Polish "jesz".

Виконання[ ]