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Слова: Ron Cahute & Ihor Baczynskyj
Музика: Ron Cahute
We say двайцять
That means twenty
We say двайцять
That means twenty in Ukrainian (2)
There's a special magic word
That you should know,
Oh have you heard?
The magic word that you should know is "найцять"
We take the numbers one to nine
And we put найцять right behind
And now we all now how to count to двайцять
Eleven equals one plus ten
And we all know, one's один
So eleven in Ukrainian's одинайцять
Twelve is next, that's two plus ten
Two is два, so now we can
Say twelve in Ukrainian's одинайцять
Thirteen equals ten plus three
And so by now you all can see
That thirteen in Ukrainian is тринайцять
Чотирнайцять that's fourteen
And five plus ten equals fifteen
So fifteen in Ukrainian is п'ятнайцять
Sixteen is the next in line
We know that's ten plus six
Шістнайцять is the word we use
Cause шість we know is six
Seventeen and eighteen are
The next two we should know
Сімнайцять and then вісімнайцять
Just one more to go
One more number's all we need
Then twenty here we come
Nine plus ten is nineteen
Once we learn it, then we're done
Nine is девять, that we know
So nineteen's девятнайцять
So now we all can count to twenty
Yes, all the way to двайцять
Eleven! Одинайцять!
Twelve! Дванайцять!
Twenty! Двайцять!

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