Good manners

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Слова: Ron Cahute & Ihor Baczynskyj
Мелодія: "The Irish Washerwoman"
Oh it's
Дякую, прошу, добридень, добраніч,
Thank you, you're welcome,
Good morning, good night
If you use these expressions
You're sure to be welcome
And you'll get along
Just because you're polite
Oh when somebody give you a gift
You say "thank you"
And when somebody thanks you
You say "you're welcome"
Oh, thank you, you're welcome
Дякую, прошу
Oh, Дякую, прошу
Is what you say
Well, good morning to you
When you get out of bed
But you also could say
Добрий день, instead
When the day is all over
And you're going to bed
Say goodnight, or добраніч
Ya big sleepy head
So, please use your manners
And you will see
That these four magic words
Are as good as can be
If you practice your manners
You'll always be right
So say thank you, you're welcome
Good morning, and good night

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