Gotta eat your vegetables

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Слова: Ron Cahute & Ihor Baczynskyj
Музика: Ron Cahute
You've gotta eat your veggies
They will make you big and strong
I wrote the song about them
So that you can sing along
I know you like potato chips
And lots of candy too
But you've gotta eat your veggies
Cause they're good for you
There's lots of different vegetables
You eat them every day
The veggies in Ukrainian
Is what we'll learn to say
But we are really lucky now
Oh, haven't you heard
Cause veggies in Ukrainian
Has two words
Овочі, городина
Gotta eat your vegetables (2)
We start with potato
As the garden grows
The word is бараболя
But you already know
Onion is цибуля
And буряк is a beet
Corn is кукурудза
And it tastes real neat
Cabbage is капуста
With peas and carrots too
Горох and морква
Just for you
But my very favorite one
Is better than the rest
A cucumber, an огірок
The one I love the best
Салат is lettuce
Tomato's помідор
Фасоля is a bean
And there's still a few more
Спаржа is asparagus
There's cauliflower too
It's квітна капуста,
Honest, it's true
You've gotta eat your spinach
Шпинат will make you strong
There's no word for fiddlehead greens
So they're not in this song
Some are not as popular
As you can plainly see
But almost all the vegetables
Are totally fat free
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