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Мелодії: Гей там на горі, "You Made Me Love You" - Al Jolson, Hallelujah Chorus
Гей там на горі, галушки
Там у Полтаві винайшли
Ой які добрі
Я не хочу бараболі
Гей як жаримо раз, два, три
Баба зварила галушки
Мама із кухні їх несе
Ой які добрі
Я не хочу бараболі
Гей як жаримо раз, два, три
I love галушки
So do you
Good with сметана
Or in stew
Good with tomatoes
What a change from boiled potatoes
Гей як жаримо раз, два, три
You made me eat them
I didn't wanna do it (2)
That last галушка
And all the time I knew it (2)
I should have known that I was
Just takin' a chance
Now I'm afraid that
I'm gonna rip right outta my pants
Why did I eat them
Well that's a silly question
When you've got indigestion
But how could I resist
Just in the mood
For some good Ukrainian food
So gimme gimme gimme gimme
More галушки
I could eat 'em 'till they're
Coming out of my вушки
Until my chair starts to creak
I'm at my peak, oh baby
Let's start that diet next week
Yes the галушка to most is just
Another starch Ukrainian dish
Yet to other the галушки is
Important historical thing
And linked to the Ukrainian heritage
It was the галушка that fed and fortified
The Ukrainian people so they could build
Such great cities as
Poltava, Kyiv, and Lviv, and others
Not to mention their ability to create
A positive airtight seal around windows
Doors, and served as the first water-based
Caulking compound. Even today thrifty Ukrainians
Across North America are using галушки for
Construction adhesive and fill holes and
Cracks that are wider than five millimeters
You know that the recipe for галушка now rests
In the annals of Ukrainian cooking history
Along with налисник, the вареник,
And the ковбаса sandwhich
Now that our beloved Ukraine has shed
Finally the shackles of communism
And faces the trappings of commercialism
The галушка becomes an extinct
Ukrainian food species.
And now as we're speaking people are
Leaving their homes and their pots behind
To go eat at the emerging fast food chains
Eating foods like the Великий Максим
The Double cheese Burger, two cheese patties,
Огірки, some сметана, свіжий хрін,
On a житний хліб bun
So I propose we make today
National галушка day
Where we will sing the praises
Of the галушка!
Галелушка, галелушка
Галелушка, галелушка, галелуя
Ой, галушка
Галелушка, галелушка, галелушка
Я можу зїсти і хотя двацять-пять
Галелушки, галелушки, галелушки
Гей там на горі, галушки
Там у Полтаві винайшли
Ой які добрі
Я не хочу бараболі
Give me Полтавські галушки! (3)

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