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Creating and editing songs is fairly straightforward but requires you to use a little bit of code. It's not difficult, really!

Читати по-Українському на сторінка Редагування.

This is too complicated[ ]

I feel you. Send me an email at including everything you've got (lyrics, chords, credits, links to renditions) and we'll add the song at our convenience and discretion. The oldest items in our backlog are over two years old, so if you really want it soon, do it yourself. We are in need of more volunteers.

If you are typing the chords, use a monospace font, where every character is the same width (e.g. Courier, Consolas) so the chords and lyrics are certain to line up the same when I view them. It will look like a typewriter. If you just have pictures or scans, that's fine too, but it will be lower priority given the added work required for us to type it.

Creating a Page[ ]

Start by searching for the name of the song with the search bar. Make sure the 1st letter is capitalized and all subsequent letters lowercase (except proper nouns).


  • При ватрі
  • Ой ти, Галю
  • Біла хата в саду
  • Писаний Камінь

If multiple titles are in common use, you should generally use the one that is NOT the first line of the song (e.g. use "При ватрі", not "Сіріли у сумерку"). We will make redirects for alternate names later.

Try to make the song name unambiguous. "Іванку" isn't a great name because that could be a few songs. "Іванку, Іванку, з того боку ярку" is better.

After searching, click the text that says Create the page "Назва пісня" on this wiki! This will open an editor.

Sample[ ]

We recommend copying the following example as your starting point. You can see the results of this code at Гандзя. It might not match up exactly if that page has been edited since this article was written.

Слова і музика: Денис Бонковський
;C                 G7
:Чи є в світі молодиця,
;                  C
:Як та Гандзя білолиця?
;;F                  G7
::Ой, скажіте, добрі люди,
;;                  C
::Що зі мною тепер буде? (2)

; G7            C
:Гандзя душка, Гандзя любка,
; G           C
:Гандзя мила, як голубка!
; F             C
:Гандзя рибка, Гандзя птичка,
; G7          C
:Гандзя цяця-молодичка!

Гандзю моя, Гандзю мила,
Чим ти мене напоїла?
::Чи любистком, чи чарами,
::Чи солодкими словами? (2)


Важка ж моя гірка доля,
Знать, такая Божа воля,
::Щоб ніченьки я не спав,
::За тобою пропадав! (2)


Чи я мало сходив вітру?
Чи я мало бачив цвіту?
::Чим калина найкрасніша?
::Чому Гандзя наймиліша? (2)


Як на мене щиро гляне -
Серце моє, як цвіт в'яне,
::А як стане щебетати -
::Сам не знаю, що діяти... (2)
== Виконання ==
* [ Квітка Цісик]
* [ Дмитро Гнатюк]
* [ капела "Карпати"]
* [ Nataliya Shelepnytska]
* [ Борщ]

Analysis[ ]

Let's go through this piece by piece.

Credits[ ]

Everything in-between the two <credits> tags is rendered as credits. Include whatever is known based on the formats below. Feel free to add extra information if known.

Слова і музика: Денис Бонковський
Слова: Данило Данилович
Музика: Борис Борисович і Володя Володйович
Вовча Тропа Новацтво (2007р)
Kоммендант Дарчик Чорнодольский
Мелодія: "Unwritten" - Natasha Bedingfield

Lyrics[ ]

Everything in-between the two <spiv> tags is interpreted as lyrics and chords. Lines should be preceded with one of these characters to indicate what type of line it is:

  •  ; Chord line
  •  : Lyric line
  •  ;; Indented chord line
  •  :: Indented lyric line
  •  ! Instruction line (usually "!Приспів:" or "!Приспів")

If a line is not preceded with any of these characters, we assume it is a lyric line for convenience. Never omit the lyric colon if the preceding line is a chord because then the chords won't align properly.

If you do not have chords for the song, make sure to tick the "Needs chords" category at the bottom to keep our to-do lists up to date.

Extra Info[ ]

Here are some common extra sections. Feel free to add your own if relevant:

== Історія ==
Some stuff happened.
== Ігра ==
Here's how to play the game with this song.

Renditions[ ]

At the very end, include a list of renditions of the song. Songs higher in the list should be better quality with lyrics more similar to those of the співаник, while lower ones should be of poorer quality with lyrics diverging from those of the spivanyk. Really try to find at least one rendition. If you cannot find any, make sure to tick the "Needs music" category before saving.

== Виконання ==
* [ Квітка Цісик]
* [ Дмитро Гнатюк]
* [ капела "Карпати"]
* [ Nataliya Shelepnytska]
* [ Борщ]

Categories[ ]

Before saving you will find a number of categories. Tick those that are applicable.

Making a Redirect[ ]

If there is another *popular* title for a song, create a page for it and make the content of that page:

#REDIRECT [[Назва пісня]]

  • Replace "Назва пісня" with the name of the original song page.
  • Keep the square brackets.
  • Do not add any categories.
  • Save

Now if people search for the alternative name, they will be redirected to the canonical page. The alternative name will also be listed in the index in future print editions (provided we choose to include the song).