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Слова: Ron Cahute & Ihor Baczynskyj
Мелодія: "Rocky Top" - Felice and Boudleaux Bryant
Cabbage rolls, oh, they're called голубці
Баба makes them for me
There are many kinds of голубці
I love 'em all, you see
Now I could eat a lot of голубці
From the roaster, I'd pick
But if I ate a hundred голубці
I would surely get sick
Голубці, you'll always be
The only food for me
Good old голубці
Голубці, they're смачні
Голубці, that's for me
Now once I had a plate of голубці
Half meat, the other half rice
Covered with цибуля and sour cream
They sure looked real nice
Just as I sat down to eat my meal
My dog came a-runnin' through the door
He jumped right up on my old голубці
And knocked them all on the floor
Well my dog ate all of my голубці
Ate 'em right up off the floor
When he finished he looked up at me
Because he wanted some more
Баба looked and saw what the dog had done
Then she went for the broom
I can still remember watchin' her
Chase that dog 'round the room
Now баба kept a-runnin' after him
Swinging that broom round and round
She missed the dog but she hit the roastin' pan
Knocked it square on the ground
She kept right on running after him
Chased him right out the door
I looked down and I saw both голубці
Spread all over the floor
Now баба never caught up with the dog
Never got him with that broom
After a while she gave up chasin' him
And came back into the room
Баба saw the mess that she had made
Saw that I was real sad
She grabbed two forks and we sat on the floor
Best meal that I ever had
I love my голубці!
Голубці, голубці!

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