I'm hungry now

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Слова: Ron Cahute & Ihor Baczynskyj
Музика: Ron Cahute
Я хочу їсни now
I'm really hungry
Хочу їсни, хочу їсни
I'm hungry right now
Я хочу їсни
I'm hungry now
That school is over
I want some chow
Я хочу їсни
And right away
Oh мама, прошу please
Hear what I say!
Give me some морква
And carrot sticks
Cheese and crackers
Will do the trick
A nice red apple
A яблуко
Oh and milk to wash it down with
A glass of молоко
Too busy running
To stop and munch
Too busy playing
To eat my lunch
I don't have the обід
That you packed for me
'Cause I left it at home
With my Barabolya CD
I want some donuts
And candy too
And lots of bubblegum, please
For me to chew
A pile of junk food
But I'll take bets, you're gonna say
There's no way I've gotta
Eat your студенець!
I didn't eat my breakfast
'Cause I got up too late
I saw the nice сніданок
You prepared on my plate
That's why I am so hungry
And I don't mean to whine
But please give me a snack
Until it's suppertime
Я хочу їсти
I'm hungry now
Я хочу їсти
Chocolate bars, potato chips
Some вареники
Some вареники with сметана
That means sour cream

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