I love my kookooroodza

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Слова: Ron Cahute & Ihor Baczynskyj
Мелодія: "Paloma Blanca" - George Baker
Once I had my share of veggies,
All the green ones and the red,
There was purple, white, and orange,
And some yeller ones instead
There was бруква, which means turnips
And фасоля, green beans too
Then one day my mother told me
That it's time for something new
I love my кукурудза
Boiled, skinned, or fried in a pan
I love my кукурудза
I eat it any way that I can
As you can see
Кукурудза's for me
Mama showed me big long green things
And she said they're really good
Then she gave me one and asked me
That I'd help her if I could
So I had to peel the leaves off
And it was a really hard job
When I finished mama told me
That it was corn on the cob
Кукурудза is my favorite
And I know it's good for you
Трошки соле, lightly salted
And some масло, butter too
But my favorite way to eat it
As a snack food with TV
For the munchies, you can't beat it
Lots of popcorn, that's for me
You still must eat your veggies
All the green ones and the red
Eat the purple, white, and orange,
Or the yellow ones instead
But it's cool to have a favorite
That's the one that's better than the rest
Кукурудза, кукурудза
Yah кукурудза is the best
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