It's fun to be Ukrainian

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Contains Offensive Elements

This song includes potentially offensive elements. We don't think it's so bad it shouldn't ever be sung, but consider having a conversation about these elements when teaching it.

It's great to be prideful of being Ukrainian, but some of these verses take it a bit too far by putting down other cultures.
Слова і музика: Bob King
It's fun to be Ukrainian.
It's nice to be a Uke!
If you were born Ukrainian,
Well, consider it a fluke!
It's alright to be a Spaniard,
Italian, or a Jew.
But it's more fun to be Ukrainian,
I'm Ukrainian, how about you? (2)
Як ся маєш?
Дуже добре!
Раз, два, три!
It's great to eat голубці,
And kubasa I love!
They always eat perogies,
When it's meal time at baba's!
It's not that I don't like a-pizza,
Bagels or chow mein,
But since a кішка seduced my taste buds,
All the other food goes right down the drain! (2)
It's fun to be Ukrainian.
It's nice to be a Uke!
Now I'm not really Ukrainian,
But don't think that I'm a kook.
You see my father, he came from Scotland,
And my mother's from Siam,
But it's more fun to be Ukrainian,
So Ukrainian is what I am! (2)
Now, if you're sad and lonely,
And you don't know what to do,
Just listen very closely,
I've got a tip for you:
Just change your name to Kowalczuk,
Add garlic to your meals,
And tell everyone you're Ukrainian,
And see how much better you feel! (2)


  • kubasy - ковбаси / kielbasy


It's great to eat perogies,
And голобці I love!
The angels eat kubasy,
When it's meal time up above!
You feel life's not worth living,
Just listen very closely,
Well here's a tip for you:
I've got a tip for you:
Have garlic with your meals,
Add garlic to your meals,


Authorship info from email conversation between Dave Roman and Danylo Centore (May 5, 2021). According to Dave, this was originally released on a 1977 album, and Dave made the DD5 arrangement in 1979.