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Слова і музика: Ron Cahute
Once a long long time ago,
There's this story you should know,
About the kozak legend
That remains,
And how the kozak paid the price
For freedom, with his sacrifice
Of family love and life
For their Ukraine
And when the day had ended
The moon began to cry
The kozaks got together
And they sang this lullaby
Every night you hear a croon
A kozak lullaby
Just a little plaintive tune
As evening marks the sky
Rockabye your baby
Somewhere there may be
A land that's free
For you and me
And a kozak lullaby
Somewhere there's a little child
A teardrop dims his eye
Though his father's far away
He tries hard not to cry
As he looks to heaven
Somehow he knows
That this special night
Things will be alright
With his kozak lullaby
Sleep my child, don't cry tonight
The battle's almost done
For tomorrow brings new light
And freedom's almost won
Rockabye my baby
Soon there will be
A land that's free
For you and me
And the kozak lullaby
Peace descends upon the camp
The battle's done today
As he looks up to the sky
The kozak starts to pray
Oh dear lord, please help us
Keep our Ukraine
And our families free
We pray to thee
With this kozak lullaby
A land that's free
For you and me
And the kozak lullaby

Словник[ ]

  • croon = crooner = "a singer, typically a male one, who sings sentimental songs in a soft, low voice."

Історія[ ]

Written by Ron Cahute - Phone interview with Ron Cahute conducted by Danylo Centore 21 August, 2020

Виконання[ ]