Moscow drug club

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Слова і музика: BB Gabor
Underneath the grey streets,
Where the grey people walk
There's a small secret nightclub,
Where subversives sit and talk
Listening to illegal jazz,
Ten years behind the Western fads
Smoking Georgian Gold,
They refuse to do what they are told
Moscow Drug Club,
Secret rendezvous
Moscow Drug Club,
Where the Reds play the blues
Да да дай...
You don't hear balalaikas,
Because they're playing saxophone
They ignore the party line,
And disconnect the telephone
They do the shimmy and the shake
They take little red pills to stay awake
Under the Kremlin's gaze
Being a beatnik Руский's risky now-a-days
Moscow Drug Club,
The five year plan is just a joke
Moscow Drug Club,
Comrade, come on innnn-, and have a toke
Да да дай...
Moscow Drug Club,
Where the Reds play the blues, гей!

Історія[ ]

BB Gabor sang this at the Ukrainian Caravan Restaurant in Fall, 1982.

Виконання[ ]