Multi-coloured blues

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Слова: Ron Cahute & Ihor Baczynskyj
Музика: Ron Cahute
I open up my crayons
Кольорові олівці
To draw myself a picture
A малюнок, don't you see
There're so many colours
I didn't know what to do
That is why I always sing those
Multi-coloured blues
Clap your hands and sing those crazy
Multi-coloured blues
Red, green, blue, yellow,
Black, white, brown
Those multi-coloured blues
Everybody have some fun
Let's learn those colours
One by one
Blue, that is синє, the colour of the sky
Yellow, that is жовте, the sun that shines so high
White, that is біле, the colour of the clouds
Now it's time to sit right down
And draw myself a house
Brown, that is бронзове, the colour of the sticks
Red, is червоне, the colour of the bricks
Then I'll draw some windows,
And a big front door
Black is чорне, that's the roof
I think I'll draw some more
Now we need a front lawn
Give our house some class
Green, that's зелене, the colour of the grass
I've just drawn a picture
Of my house up on the ridge
Now I need a magnet
To stick it on my fridge
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