Music of the night

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Слова: Ron Cahute & Ihor Baczynskyj
Мелодія: "The Music of the Night" - Andrew Lloyd Webber
Supper's over
Time for some romancing
Band plays polka
You and me are dancing
Hear the music roar
As we dance around the floor
Slowly, gently
I take you by the hand, now
Polka, foxtrot
Maybe waltz and tango
Don't be scared of me
Or the cabbage face you see
Just remember everything
Will be alright
We'll dance the
Коломийка of the night
Don't be worried
About the way you look tonight
I have Ukrainian costume in my car
Wear this embroidered blouse I made for you
And then I'll wear by шаровари too
Band starts playing
Music getting faster
All the guys are
Really getting plastered
You just stick with me
And I'll try to help you see
This Ukrainian feeling
That you cannot fight
The lively коломийка
Of the night
You can start with a simple step
Похід складній
Leave the hard ones like присядки to me
Let your feet take you where you want to be
I just hope that it's dancing here with me
Spinning, twirling
Lots of perspiration
Samba, polka
That's our compensation
After we are done
We'll remember all the fun
And we'll look back on
Тhis pure Ukrainian sight
The power коломийка
Оf the night
You alone can make my feet take flight
Perfect коломийка of the night

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