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Слова: Ron Cahute & Ihor Baczynskyj
Мелодія: "Mañana" - Peggy Lee
Підпеньки, підпеньки,
Підпеньки are good enough for me
Oh there's a special mushroom
That is better than the rest
My баба she once told me
That these mushrooms are the best
Shiitake, portabello,
And those white ones are okay
But підпеньки are the greatest
So let's go pick some today
Oh баба asked me if
I could come help her, if I could
She said the only place
Підпеньки grow is in the woods
We took some bushel baskets
And an apron, and a knife
Then баба said that I would have
The best time of my life
We walked and walked forever
Till we found this special place
There was lots of tree stumps, rocks, and leaves
A-hangin' round the place
She pointed to a spot
And баба asked if I could see
Підпеньки by the millions!
Underneath that old Pine tree
The mushrooms underneath that
Old Pine tree looked kinda dead
But баба looked just like she found
A huge gold mine instead
She filled eight bushel baskets
That I carried to the car
And when we got home, she cooked 'em up
And filled two mason jars
She fried 'em up with garlic
That's часник, and цибуля too
She served it with some liver
Cause печінка's good for you
I ate the meal and sat right down
To write this silly poem
Then I realized why дідо
He always stayed at home
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