Pete's kowbasa song

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Слова і музика: Peter Apostoluk
Були хлопці на таборі
Роман купив ковбасу
Хлопці з'їли ковбасу
Роман купив ковбасу
Ми з'їли ковбасу
Роман купив ковбасу
Вже нема ковбаси
Хлопці з'їли ковбасу (2)

Історія[ ]

"Роман" in this song is Roman Kwit.

A bunch of guys would get together annually at PK to do some Fall clean up and then hang out. Pete Apostoluk, Romko Kwit, Mykola Deychakiwsky, Mickey Fedun, Marko Dubas (Grandson of Prof Barnych [editor: Ярослав Барнич]), etc. Roman brought some Kowbasa. Pete sent this audio file a few days after their weekend. I made this video (7 yrs ago?) - we performed it (myself, Mykola Deychakiwsky, Andy Zura) at B@B [editor: Bandura @ Bobriwka summer camp] talent show and it became a thing...

Those guys were all part of one hurtok. They are all 63 right now. This was done 7-8 years ago

~ Marko Farion (FB message to Danylo Centore - July 15, 2022)

Виконання[ ]