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Sexist Song

This song is being kept on WikiSpiv for historical reference. It is sexist and should not be sung at all anymore.
Слова: Ron Cahute & Ihor Baczynskyj
Мелодія: "Green Acres Theme" - Vic Mizzy
"Pigpen"-ка is the place to be
Slop and свині is the life for me
Pigs spreading out, so far and wide
And speak of spreading,
Just look at my lousy bride
Toronto's where I'd rather stay
It's so clean
I must go shopping every day
And I mean, sure, I'd miss the restaurants
And Arka shoes
So darling if you love me
Give me High Park Avenue
My nails
Fresh air
Who cares?
You are my wife
Goodbye sea life
"Pigpen"-ка we are there!



Intro from "І тут буде город":

Well you know what they say, that "all's well that ends well", or as my father used to say "it's not important whether you're beautiful or ugly but it's nice to have a face" and luckily Billy came home from battle and he still had a face so immediately he was excepted by the in-laws and the feud that was fueled by kapusta was finally over, and Billy and Lesia were married, and bought themselves a beautiful little pig farm just outside for credit, and they called their spread the "pigpen-ка", they got on the tractor and they just drove around the господарка having lots of fun and stuff like that, had, also, there's a song coming up.