Pyrohy and borscht (Jingle bells)

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Слова: Travis Dolter
Мелодія: "Jingle Bells" - James Lord Pierpont
Пироги, пироги,
Пироги and борщ
Голубці, налисникі,
All through Баба's door, hey!
Пироги, пироги,
Пироги and борщ
So much garlic, ой Боже,
I cannot eat no more
I went to Баба's house
To shovel off her roof
It snowed three feet last night
It's fillin' up my boots
As soon as she saw me
I was through the door
Had начінка and vodka
I could not drive no more
The plates kept coming out
Kubasa - I had three rings
Every time I thought "that's all"
Out came two more things
Feel like Hotel California
If I don't leave here soon
I'll start to look like Ґідо
Who's never dropped his spoon

Варіянт[ ]

  • I cannot eat no more
  • I cannot eat any more

Словник[ ]

  • налисникі = налисники
  • начінка = начинка = stuffing
  • kubasa = ковбаса (Prairie Canadian)
  • Ґідо = Дідо
    • Rusyn groups (e.g. Hutsuls, Boykos, Lemkos) historically shifted Д to Ґ in some positions. As most Prairie Canadian-Ukrainians were from these regions, "Ґідо" is the more common name in Prairie Canadian-Ukrainian. This is NOT a mispronunciation, it is a historical regional pronunciation.
    • See this video (5:45 - 6:12) on the Hutsul dialect: "не дід, а ґід"

Виконання[ ]