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Слова: Ron Cahute & Ihor Baczynskyj
Мелодія: "Montego Bay" - Bobby Bloom
Well I love шкарпетки
'cause they're socks, you know
They cover my ankles and they cover my toes
I'm wearing шкарпетки ?????
Cause they keep me feet, you know my ноги warm
Sing out!
Woahhhh, woahhhh
Come sing it out!
My шкарпетки are cool
There's tons of шкарпетки in my dresser drawers
But mama is always buying me lots more
There's green, blue, and yellow ones, and black you see
But червоні шкарпетки are the ones for me
Now, there's панчохи, that's what some folks say
They think they are saying socks another way
I'm telling you that is not the right word there
Панчохи are stockings for the girls to wear
Now socks can be wool, or polyester too
Or maybe the nylon ones are right for you
But it really doesn't matter what I wear
So long as they're red шкарпетки, I don't care
Come sing it out!
My шкарпетки are cool

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