Ride, kozak, ride

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Слова: Andrej Baczynskyj & Ron Cahute
Мелодія: "Ride, Cossacks, Ride" - Nelson Eddy
Men of fire
Men of passion
Freedom is their middle name
Hearts of lions
Free as eagles
Spirits that cannot be tamed
Ride, ride, їде козак, ride
To your glory
Ride, kozak, ride
Ride, ride, їде козак, ride
To your glory
Ride, ride, kozak, ride
Under heaven
God's his keeper
By his laws he must abide
Fear's a stranger
To the kozak
As to hell and back he rides
In the kozak camp they're singing
Round the fire burning bright
Wine and women, song and laughter
Warm the kozak all the night!
Sleep now kozak
Peace be with you
Dreams of glory
Light your way
Cross the steppes
You'll soon be riding
Dawn begins another day
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Історія[ ]

Authorship info provided by Ron Cahute - Phone interview with Ron Cahute conducted by Danylo Centore 21 August, 2020

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