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This is a personal todo list for Данило


  • Нині Рождество, Бог ся раждає same page

High priority:

  • put soloviyu together


  • Double check if spotify links have youtube versions (e.g. Korinya)
  • Only allow spaces (e.g. no tabs) on chord lines
  • Fix italics so they are always italic or always skewed
  • Fix adjacent chords (e.g. Цвіте терен)
  • Make empty chord lines less tall (e.g. Іванку, Іванку, з того боку ярку)
  • Remove commas after all the Ой's
  • Comments
  • Auto replace hash with sharp (e.g. Ой, за лісочком сонечко встало)
  • Wonderlust King - Gogol Bordello, Save Tonight - Eagle Eye Cherry, The General - Dispatch, Home For a Rest - Spirit of the West, Otherside - Red Hot Chili Peppers, This is The Life by Amy MacDonald, San Francisco by the Mowglis


  • ЮМПЗ'07
  • Пісні для новацтва
  • ПК'97
  • Капуста
    • 2 (mirka i olya)
    • 5
  • LBO
  • Korinya
  • Tyt i tam
  • fix login remember me
  • Olya Fryz
    • Christmas
  • Chords next to eacho/ (e.g. Несе Галя воду)
  • Молитовник МПЗ 2011

Game plan for musical notation:

  • Include one of the MediaWiki attachment plugins. You might need to start maintaining one -- it looks like they're all very dead right now. You should store the list of files in the main page content and then remove them from the editor like the SelectCategory plugin removes the categories from the editor before the user sees them
  • Make a new plugin which recognizes MusicXml files in the attachments and renders them in a tab on the page
  • Make the app do the same thing
  • Make the bookmaker do the same thing
  • Use SmartScore Music-to-XML Music Notation Recognition
  • Use notation editor: