They call it moonshine

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Слова: Mickey and Bunny???
Музика: Mickey and Bunny???
I went to a country dance
To see what I could see
Most of the country folk
Were having fun except for me.
They sang and danced
To an old-time square
And the fiddles playin'
Aloud and clear.
And at the break behind the hall
The reason I did see.
White lightning, moonshine,
Firewater, dew,
Porch climber, tater juice,
And the devil's brew.
They call it:
It wasn't long before I took
A drink of that stuff, too.
My eyes popped out,
My face turned white
Then turned a deathly blue.
I couldn't walk and I couldn't talk
Then the Mounties came and locked me up
That's the last time
I would drink that stuff
I swear to you.
They call it:

Виконання[ ]

  • Mickey and Bunny - Country Songs Vol 2