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Слова: Ron Cahute & Ihor Baczynskyj
Мелодія: "Tequila Song" - The Champs
Ketchup is good on french fries
Hot dogs and hamburgers, too
Then add some mustard and relish
Or maybe cheeses for you
Syrup is great on pancakes
French toast and waffles are cool
Sprinkled with icing sugar
And melted butter makes me drool
But on my пироги
Yes on my пироги
Maybe some sour cream
That's сметана!
And lots of lots of onions for me
I eat цибуля for breakfast
Give me a really big plate
Guess what I'd like for lunch time
Цибуля and Kraft Dinner is great
Fry some цибуля for supper
Put some aside to be safe
'cause for dessert it's ice cream
Topped with цибуля's my fave

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