Ukraeenska mova

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Слова: Ron Cahute & Ihor Baczynskyj
Музика: Ron Cahute
I speak Ukrainian
And it really is cool
Sometimes I try to speak
Ukrainian in school
But all of my friends
They don't understand me
Cause they don't speak Ukrainian
Українська мова (3)
Я говорю по-українському
I try to speak Ukrainian
Almost every day
But sometimes I don't know
Just what to say
So I grab my словник
From the shelf you see
And I look up the words
Cause that's my dictionary
Тато, мама, баба, дідо
Help me to say
We try to speak Ukrainian
Almost every day
Cause it's the only way
You're gonna learn
So take it from me
The more you speak
The easier it'll be
When your parents wanna
Keep a secret from you
They go and speak Ukrainian
So you haven't a clue
But if you learn the language
You can stand up and shout
Because then you'll know exactly
What they're talking about
Я говорю по-українському
I speak Ukrainian
Almost every day
Я говорю по-українському
I understand everything
That they say
Learn another language
Cause it's good for you
Я говорю по-українському (2)

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