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Слова: Ron Cahute & Ihor Baczynskyj
Мелодія: "I will survive" - Gloria Gaynor
Мелодія: "YMCA" - The Village People
Мелодія: "That's the way (I like it)" - KC and the Sunshine Band
Мелодія: "Baby Face" - Art Mooney
Мелодія: "The Loco-Motion" - Grand Funk
At first I was afraid
Я був petrified
Kept looking at the other dancers
Standing by my side
How I spent so many nights
Learning how to Ukie dance
So I could finally go on stage
And where those cool red baggy pants
So here we go
Don't worry now
Cause Uncle Ihor is right here
And he will show you how
To do this very simple step
And you can learn it right away
It's an easy one-two-three
And it's called похід складній
So here we go
Раз два три! One two three!
It's as easy as can be
Раз два три! One two three!
Everybody do like me!
Three more, two more, ще один
Let's go!
Here's a step that you will see
Also uses one-two-three
First you stamp,
And then you kick
Then one-two-three
And that's the trick
If you want to dance like me
Remember what I say
Just stamp and kick
And one-two-three
It's called випад складній
It's fun to do the old
Випад складній
It's fun to do the old
Випад складній
You just stamp your right foot
And you kick it out front
And you follow with раз-два-три (2)
Stamp, kick, раз-два-три (2)
Three more, two more, і ще раз
Here's another step for you
It's easy and it's fun to do
Just bring your heal up to your knee
Then kick it out
Then one-two-three
It's called the вихилясник
And you'll see that it's okay
The toughest part about it
Is that it's very hard to say
Тhat's the way
To do the вихилясник, аго аго! (4)
Knee, kick, one-two-three (4)
Four more, three more, two more, і ще раз
Here's a step for you to do
It's done on bended knees
You walk around
Just like a duck
And bounce along with ease
You swing both arms
Back and forth
That'll help you move
The step is called the повзуночок
Now you're really in the groove!
Everybody's doing a brand new step now
Come on діти, do the повзуночок
I know that you will like it
If you give it a chance now
Come on діти, do the повзуночок
My little sister Надя
She can do it with ease
And Славко says it's easier
Than one-two-three
So come on, come on do
The позоночок with me
Come on діти, do the повзуночок (4)
Four more, three more, two more, і ще раз
Now the time has finally come
To show you crazy cats
This step is cool
It's out of sight
It's really where it's at
It's just a simple squat and kick
And I will show you how
It's присядки
The king of steps
So let's all try it now
You do the cutest little
There's not another step
To take your place
With style and grace
My poor heart is breaking
Even more, my knees are aching!
I'm up in heaven
When I see your smiling face
Oh when those red boots fly
You'll make your баба cry
With those beauty присядки
And squat, two, three (2)
Now that you have learned to do these steps
Let's take a chance
We'll put 'em all together
In our own Ukrainian dance
We'll jump and kick and spin and twirl
And maybe a backbreaker
So let's all form a circle
And we'll do the коломийка!

Слонвик[ ]

  • повзуночок = повзунець

Виконання[ ]