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The mobile AR landscape is diverse and can be confusing. While some top Augmented Reality companies provide a range of products, services and publishing options, there are essentially five basic types of Augmented Reality companies. AR platform companies provide a foundation and the toolbox for experienced software developers working to create advanced Augmented Reality solutions. Some of these companies also build and market their own products (for example, Microsoft and the HoloLens), or provide custom services on the The big news for AR Platform companies in 2017 was Apple and Google both joining the fray, with ARKit and ARCore SDKs, respectively.

By their very nature, platform companies enable the other four types of companies, and their best customers are experienced developer looking to push their platforms AR game companies develop and market their own exclusive AR content. Following a development period that saw AR experiences entirely dependent on printed "markers," the markerless AR era is now upon us. Pokemon Go, released in the summer of 2016, largely popularized the idea of markerless AR in the public imagination, while the Sept. 2017 release of Apple’s iOS 11 put AR-capable hardware in the hands of hundreds of millions of consumers seemingly overnight. Companies in this space include Niantic, Sony, Microsoft, Sphero, POPAR, and Nintendo. Designed for quick and simple AR experiences or campaigns, these companies offer content management tools and a limited menu of basic AR effects.

With self-service AR tools, tech savvy individuals can create simple experiences like launching a single video or simple animations. AR self-service companies are great for publishers, educators, students, and others who want to test or create a simple Augmented Reality experience without investing in a complete custom branded app Some DIY companies also offer AR viewers, customized services and white label options. Companies in this space include Layar, Aurasma, and DAQRI. These companies work directly with brand marketers and agencies to build custom Augmented Reality solutions for major advertising campaigns, trade shows and live events. Custom branded apps allow marketers to combine one-of-a-kind custom Augmented Reality experiences with personalized service and project Custom features frequently include branding specifications, navigation, user interfaces, animations, complex or large-scale AR effects, and more. Services may include 3D modeling, integration with other software services or ecommerce platforms, game development, location-based installations, notifications, complex animations, micro locations, or other advanced AR effects. Companies in this space include Marxent, Gravity Jack and Augment. The newest category of AR companies to emerge are those offering AR solutions tailored to serve niche business verticals such as retail, manufacturing, home goods, medical services, industrial applications, pharmaceutical companies and cosmetic companies. Companies in this space include Ashley Furniture and IKEA for furniture placement, Blippar for advertising, and Marxent’s 3D Cloud™ for consumer retail, manufacturing, industrial, and enterprise sales tools.

Available on Android platform. Like the Counter Strike, you have to get as much damage to your friends as possible with a variety of paintball guns available from general marker to industrial grade paintball grenade launchers. Earn currency for winning missions while playing with your friend. The game can be played in any surrounding around you as it exhibits augmented reality. It requires a WiFi connection to play in multiplayer mode. Specify your opponents a particular shirt color to get them detected, choose a time limit play or unlimited for extended battle and get ready to fight. Shake your phone to reload the weapon while a hit on you vibrates your device.

This game can be really addictive for you. Available on both Android and iOS platforms. Place your marker on the floor in front of your camera and start Toyota 86 AR and place the camera on the marker to get the stunning Toyota 86. It makes you test your skills turning around cones, Available on both Android and iOS platforms. SpecTrek is a ghost hunting game using your GPS and camera to catch up the virtual ghosts in your real surroundings. Holding your phone flat, like a map gives radar mode. It gives you an interesting atmosphere around you and may never get you bored. You receive statistics, awards, records and more to have fun with this.

Available on Android platform. AR Invaders as the name suggests is an augmented reality game in which you fight against the invading aliens. This game themes 9 invasions of the aliens in the 21st century. Join the Earth’s resistance forces in the war to hold back the alien ships attacking the area just ahead what your camera is pointing to. Play in 360 mode while standing, or in 180 mode while sitting and defend your city by creating an army with your friends in the multiplayer mode. Available on both Android and iOS platforms. By Useless Creations Pty Ltd. It puts zombies around you in the real world which slowly approach you in quantity.

The longer you survive, the more different undead nasties will come up. Fight against zombies, undead dogs, mummies and more. Unlock new weapons as you kill. There are 2 modes, play to survive or get in safe mode, where you enjoy augmented reality effects, attacking without being attacked. Available on iOS platform. Official app to use for piloting AR.Drone 2.0 with iPhone/iPad. Connect AR.Drone toy with WiFi and control it with directions on iPhone or iPad. You get a timed race option within it. Choose a free area around your toy and all the trees, doors and objects become a part of the race of unlimited track. Not compatible with AR.Drone First Generation. Available on iOS platform. Position your defensives and defend your base from attacks to your tower in the battle. Play it anywhere you like with augmented reality embedded mode or in classic mode. Unlock up to 6 different heroes with their own gameplay styles and fight against more than 15 different types of enemies. Available on iOS platform. Augmented Reality games offer a different way to experience AR with the top 10 games above, featuring the concept of augmentation in games. The list contained a different variety of AR games existing in the android and iOS app stores.

Vision is our dominant sense, it dominates conscious experience. We focus our attention on what we look at and perceive a lot of information with our eyes. Thats why augmented reality is trending in marketing now being the number one channel for visual presentation. It absolutely rocks in retail and we have already shared with you some outstanding examples. Wed like to continue our excursion into the augmented reality world and its presence in different spheres. Are you a fan of Converse sneakers and feel like ordering a new pair but hesitating what color or model to choose! Say no more as this brand has its own [ augmented reality app] that will help you make up your mind while surfing through their online catalog - from the classics to limited-editions.

Everybody has heard about IKEAs furniture app, but probably not everyone has known that Wayfair also provides such services and you can try new furniture online in your apartment. Augmented reality helps architects and engineers present their new ideas in the most detailed and visual way ever. Now you can see how the building will look like and literally feel how it fits in among the cityscape. Or, how about providing maintenance for buildings and products? Augmented reality technology can help with that as well. It comes in handy with the remote assistance to customers as they repair products or complete maintenance procedures by having service manuals with interactive three-dimensional animations via augmented reality. It's nice to see that blogs and articles about augmented reality are increasingly appearing on the authoritative Tier-1 sites like Forbes. So progress is going in the right direction ✈️.

JUMP is an online crowdsourcing community hosted by five national laboratories of the US Department of Energy (DOE) and some of the top private companies in the buildings sector. The goal is to broaden the pool of people from whom DOE seeks ideas and to move these ideas to the marketplace faster. In July, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) and CLEAResult launched a Call for Innovation to leverage crowdsourcing to solicit new ideas for saving energy in homes based on smartphone technologies. Modern smartphones are packed with a variety of sensors capable of detecting all kinds of things about their surroundings. Smartphones can determine whether people are home, or close to home, which may be useful for managing their HVAC systems and controlling lighting and appliances.

Smartphones can also gather and analyze data to inform homeowners and improve residential energy efficiency. We responded to the call with a proposal to develop a smartphone app that can be used to create an infrared version of Google's Street View, which we call Infrared Street View. NREL notified us this week that the proposal has been selected as a finalist of the competition and invited us to pitch the idea at the CLEAResult Energy Forum in Austin, TX next month. The app will be based on the SDK of FLIR ONE and the Google Map API, backed by a program running in the cloud to collect, process, and serve data.

249 and works with common Android and iOS devices, making it possible for us to implement this idea. A virtual reality mode will also be added to enhance the visual effect. AR (augmented reality) project. You may be wondering who would be interested in using the app to create the infrared street views. After all, the success of the project depends on the participation of a large number of people. But we are not Google and we do not have the resources to hire a lot of people to do the Our plan is to work with schools. We have a current project in which we work with teachers to promote infrared imaging as a novel way to teach thermal energy and heat transfer in classrooms. This is an area in science education that every school covers. Many teachers -- after seeing an infrared camera in action -- are convinced that infrared imaging is the ultimate way to teach thermal science. If this project is used as a capstone activity in thermal science, it is possible that we can reach and motivate thousands of students who would help make this crowdsourcing project a success. Those who know earlier efforts may consider this initiative a new round to advance the idea.