We will eat kapoosta

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Слова: Ron Cahute & Ihor Baczynskyj
Мелодія: "We will rock you" - Queen
Cabbage rolls, голубці,
Капуста, пироги,
Каписняк, that's cabbage soup,
If you really cared,
You got your coleslaw
Deli style, or creamy will do
Or you fry it with цибуля
Or ковбаса for you
We will eat капуста (2)
You bake it in a casserole
Or put it in a stew
Or you put it in a juicer
Cause it's healthy for you
Some people like to eat it raw
Cause they think it's real neat
Or they put it in their borscht
With буряка, that's beats
You can take the cabbage
And you slice it if you can
Then you put a little oil
In a big frying pan
You mix it with koobassa
And цибуля and spice
Now you just made біґус
And it tastes real nice
Well I love капуста
I eat it every day
When I eat капуста
My friends all run away
But I love капуста
I eat it all the time
So if you don't love капуста
You ain't no friend of mine
Boiled cabbage, fried cabbage,
Baked cabbage, stew,
Or you're grillin up a cabbage
On your тато's barbecue
You got your big cabbage
Little cabbage, shorter and tall
You play with your Cabbage
Or Капуста Patch dolls
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