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Racist Song

This song is being kept on WikiSpiv for historical reference. It is racist and should not be sung at all anymore.

The authors have expressed regret in writing this song.

Via Stereotyping Native Americans - The Jim Crow Museum: Media such as Hollywood films and Wild West shows contributed to the notion that American Indians, regardless of linguistic background, speak a fictional, substandard version of English. Variously described as Hollywood or Pidgin English or “Tonto-speak,” its grammatical markers include formulaic grammar, including the use of “um” (“speak-um”) and “me” instead of “I” (“me speak-um”). This language became entrenched, endlessly repeated across time and place. It portrays Indians as silent and wordless or incapable of speaking proper English or other “civilized” languages.
Слова: Ron Cahute & Ihor Baczynskyj
Мелодія: Stereotypical western Native American music
Яка погода
Him say "whatever kind of weather"
Щоби була добра
Him say "so long as good weather"
Добрі мої друзі
Him say "my good friends"
Чи чулись ти на нюзі
Him say "did you hear на нюзі"
Може буде гарно
Oh, him say "maybe will be nice"
А може трошки парно
Him say "or not, maybe humid"
Як дощ дістанемо
Him say "if get rain"
То "weatherman" забємо
We scalp the weatherman
So big chief патичок, what you say when rain outside?
Oh, big chief say, дощ паде
Well what you say when rain maybe inside?
Oh, big chief каже, need-um new ринве
What's ринве?
Oh ринве... eavestrough
If snow outside in winter, what you say?
Big chief say сніг паде
Well if rai- snow outside in summer, what you say?
Big chief say, move-um to California
What if big wind blow?
Oh, big wind blow? Big chief put-um on coat
What you say?
Oh, big chief say, великий вітер... дує
Вітер віє?
Вітер віє віє віє, замітає тає тає
What if just small wind blow?
Oh, just small wind blow? Say excuse me
Okay. If sun shine what say?
Oh, гарно на дворі, сонце світить
And if at night moon shine, what you say?
Oh oh, have-um drink, hmm
No, not drink moonshine, what happen if moon shine? What you say?
Oh, say місяць світить!
На небі?
На небі
Oh that's good
How say it warm outside?
Oh, тепло надворі
How say it cold outside?
Oh, зимно надворі
How say you can't go outside?
Don't go there
Не йди там
One last question
For big chief Патичок
How does big chief Патичок
Know how tell weather so good?
Oh, big chief ask-um жінка
She watch-um cable ten
Яка погода
Щоби була добра
Добрі мої друзі
Чи чулись ти на нюзі
Може буде гарно
А може трошки парно
Як дощ дістанемо
То "weatherman" забємо
I hear big thunder and rain
Maybe big chief Патичок make big mistake?
What think?
Hm hm, maybe El Niño брехав


  • Нюз - News / Новини
  • El Niño - Refers to the atlantic climate pattern phase