What time is it?

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Слова: Ron Cahute & Ihor Baczynskyj
Музика: "Run Rudolph Run" - Chuck Berry
Перша година - That's one o'clock
Swingin' tonight
Друга година - Two o'clock
Hold me tight
Третя година - Three o'clock
With all your might
Oh Четверта година - Four o'clock
Round the floor
П'ята година - Five o'clock
Swing me more
Шоста година - Six o'clock
Out the door
What time is it? (Котра година?) (4)
Let's all learn to tell the time
Right now
Сьома година - Seven o'clock
We swing
Восьма година - Eight o'clock
Here's the thing
Девята година - Nine o'clock
Start to sing
Десята година - Ten o'clock
Swing real slow
Одинадцята година - eleven o'clock
I know
Дванадцята година - twelve o'clock
Time to go
Well now we all know
How to tell the time
Yes now we all know
How to tell the time
One, two, three o'clock
We can say them real fine
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