White lightning

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Слова: Mickey Sklepowich?
Мелодія: "White lightning" - Big Bopper
In Northern Manitoba, way back in the hills
Lived old Harry and had him a still,
He brewed white lightnin' till the sun went down
And he'd fill him a bottle and he'd pass it around
Mighty, mighty pleasin', Harry's corn squeezin'
Whssh, white lightning.
Well, the police, police, Mounties too
Are looking for the place where he made homebrew
They were looking, tryin' to book him but ol' Harry kept a-cookin'
Whshh, white lightning.
I asked old Harry why he called his brew
White lightning 'stead of mountain dew
I took a little drink and right then I knew
Cause the eyes popped out and my face turned blue
Lightning started flashin', thunder started crashin'
Fshhh, white lightnin'
A city slicker came and he said "I'm tough"
I think I want to taste that powerful stuff
He took one look and he drank it down
And I heard him a-moanin' as he hit the ground
Mighty, mighty pleasin', Harry's corn squeezin'
Whsh, white lightning.

Виконання[ ]

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