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Active 1969 - 1980
Location Lachine, Montreal, QC

History[ ]

Rushnychok was formed in 1969 when Steve Andrusiak's father asked him to put together a band to play at a New Year's dance at a restaurant where he was co-owner. The 4 members practiced together at the UNF (УНО) hall.

They were one of the first bands to establish the zabava genre of Ukrainian diaspora music, fusing elements of Ukrainian folk music and rock. They were frequently referred to in Eastern Canada as the "Ukrainian Beatles" (this title was already held by the D-Drifters-5 in Western Canada).

The band quickly became very popular and first performed at Soyuzivka in 1972.

All of the band's records were self-released on the "SAGE" record label (the name coming from the first letter of each member's name). They sold tens of thousands of records.

Song histories:

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Members[ ]

  • Steve (Stefan) Andrusiak - Drums
  • Andrij Harasymowycz - Vocals / Guitar
  • George (Yourko) Sztyk - Bass Guitar / Vocals
  • Ewhen Osidacz - Vocals / Accordion
  • Honorary member: Borys Budny From Georges Sztyk (Facebook messenger conversation with Danylo Centore - 17 May, 2024):

Borys Budny is an Ottawa based poet, playwriter. During the 1970’s, he performed with us a number of times as a drummer, when Stefan Andrusiak was studying for his Masters. At the same time, he wrote a number of poems that he would to us. We, in turn, would try to put them music. The result is a number of songs on our albums. Quite a few of his plays we performed in Toronto over the years.

Discography[ ]

Rushnychok: Volume One (1973)[ ]

  1. Rushnychok (Пісня про рушник)
  2. Marichka (Марічка (Там живе Марічка))
  3. Yasyny (Ясени (Бачу вас за селом))
  4. When Trumpets Play (Сурми заграють)
  5. Two Colors (Два кольори)
  6. Chervona Ruta (Червона рута)
  7. Susidko (Сусідко)
  8. The Solitary Steed (Ой чий то кінь стоїть)
  9. Rozpriahayty Hloptsi Kony (Розпрягайте, хлопці, коні)
  10. My Loved One (Моя кохана, чого бажаєш)
  11. Carpathian Nights (Вечори в карпатах)
  12. Lubimsia / Lets Get Together / Love One Another (Любімся, обнімімося)
  13. Learn Well, My Brothers (Учітеся, брати мої)

Rushnychok: Volume Two (1974)[ ]

  1. The Whistling Kozaks (Засвистали козаченьки)
  2. Chaban (Чабан)
  3. The Moon In The Sky (Місяць на небі)
  4. Moyi Yasyny (Мої ясени)
  5. Eyes As Dark As The Soil (Чорні очка як терен)
  6. The Mosquito And The Fly (Ой що ж то за шум?)
  7. Lytsar (Лицар)
  8. I Can See The Village (Ой видно село)
  9. A Mist In The Valley (На долині туман)
  10. The Storm (Буря (Rushynchok))
  11. My Homeland (Земле моя (Rushnychok))

Rushynchok: Volume Three (1976)[ ]

  1. Canada's Rushnychok (Рушничок із Канади)
  2. We Are Young (Молоді ми)
  3. You (Ти)
  4. Ah! My Love (Ага, мила!)
  5. Halychanka (Галичанка)
  6. The Wedding Song (Оженився)
  7. The Ballad Of Yuri Tjutjunnyk (Пісня про Тютюнника)
  8. Your Winter's Love (Твоя любов зайшла зимою)
  9. Listen To My Heart (Чи прислухатимешся до серця мого?)
  10. Evening Song (Вечірня пісня)
  11. The Willow (Верба)
  12. Reflections (Я мабуть колись тут був)

Rushynchok: Volume Four (1977)[ ]

  1. Distant Road (Дорога дальна)
  2. Verhovyna, My Land (Верховино, мати моя)
  3. Beloved Girl (Ой ти, дівчино)
  4. Concertina (Катеринка)
  5. Flight of the Eagle (Ой літа орел)
  6. An Evening in May (Маєва нічка)
  7. Song of the Steppes (Гей, степами)
  8. An Embroidery (Рушничок я тобі вишиваю)
  9. Young Love (Ой любов ти молода)
  10. Enchanted Desna (Зачарована Десна)
  11. Coo-Coo - (Ку-ку та гей)
  12. Song of the Forest (Лісова пісня)
  13. Freedom (Воля Україні)

Rushnychok: Volume Five (Special 10th Anniversary Limited Edition - 1980)[ ]

  1. When Clouds Hide The Sun (Як сонце заслонить)
  2. The Moon And The Stars (Місяць і зіроньки)
  3. Hmeliu (Ой хмелю)
  4. By The River Dunaj (Ой, у гаю при Дунаю)
  5. Don't Blame Me (Не винуй мене)
  6. Ah! Kalyna (А калина не верба)
  7. Red Poppies (Маки червоні)
  8. When You Find Someone (Як знайдеш ти когось)
  9. Silence All Around (Тиша навкруги)
  10. Nightingale (Соловію)
  11. I Can't Understand (Зрозуміть не вмію досі)
  12. So Long Ago (Як давно)