Billy come back

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Слова: Ron Cahute & Ihor Baczynskyj
Музика: Ron Cahute
Now I sit here crying
Real sad and all alone
He left me in the village
To watch our happy home
He went to fight the Tatars
Fend off the Mongol hordes
And I just sit here with the girls
So very very bored
Billy Billy Billy Billy come back
You crazy козак
You're such a дурак
You're not a fighter,
You'll fall off your horse
I'll have to find a new boyfriend of course
Billy Billy Billy don't make me cry
Billy Billy Billy ти там важай
Ти там важай
He promised he would marry me
And sealed it with a kiss
And if he isn't coming back
I really will be pissed
And if he isn't coming back
At least then he should call
So I don't lose that cash deposit
I put on the hall
I went and picked my wedding dress
And invitations too
Our honeymoon to Крим was booked
An ox and cart for two
And if he dies and can't come back
These things are of no use
And lying in a field somewhere
Is really no excuse
Billy Billy Billy Billy come back (2)

Історія[ ]

Intro from "І тут буде город":

Meanwhile, back in the willage.

Словник[ ]

  • willage = village (from historic Rusyn л=ў)

Мелодія[ ]

Same melody as Booryak, Ron doesn't remember which came first. - Phone interview with Ron Cahute conducted by Danylo Centore 21 August, 2020

Виконання[ ]