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Слова: Ron Cahute & Ihor Baczynskyj
Музика: Ron Cahute
Carrots, peas, and brussels sprouts
And cauliflower too
I love all my vegetables
'Cause they're good for you
But my very favourite one
The best one, so it's said
The one that when you peel it
It makes your hands turn red
Ba boom ba boom ba boom ba boom
Бур-як бур-як буряк
Бур-як, oh I love my бур-як
Бур-як бур-як буряк
Бур-як, oh I love my бур-як
I love my буряк
It's red and really sweet
And they make real sugar
From this bright red beet
You can also eat the stems
And the green leaves too
'Cause all these parts go into borscht
Especially for you
Once I had a буряк
And I gave it to a friend
He said that he would give it back
It was only for a lend
He said a little later that
It helped his horse to grow
Why he gave his horse my буряк
Is something I don't know
Приспів (2)
Now I sit here hungry
Голодний, so they say
I can't make my borscht for supper
'Cause my буряк's gone away
That horse, той кінь, he ate my beet
Guess he was hungry too
So I'll just go and buy some more
That's what I'm gonna do

Мелодія[ ]

Same melody as Billy come back, Ron doesn't remember which came first. - Phone interview with Ron Cahute conducted by Danylo Centore 21 August, 2020

Виконання[ ]