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Слова і музика: Walter Solek
I have a girlfriend
She is a honey
She only loves me
When I got money
I drink plain soda
She drinks gin cola
I dance the polka
She does the hula
Julida, Julida
You are my honey
Julida, Julida
I have lots of money
I take her walking
She does the talking
Moon is a-shining
My heart is pining
She says "No Johnny"
Don't try to tease me
Oh no no, Johnny
You cannot squeeze me
Julida, Julida
You are my sweetheart
Julida, Julida
Say we'll never part
I have a girlfriend
She is a dandy
She keeps me broke
But I'm always handy
When I am busted
She is disgusted
She goes with Tony
And I'm so lonely
Julida, Julida
Please be my honey
Julida, Julida
I'll give you my money
Oh Johnny, Johnny
If you've got money
Then you will always
Be my sweet honey
I'll drink my soda
You drink your rock and rye
We'll be so happy
Johnny, you and I
Julida, Julida
You are my baby
Julida, Julida
We'll get married, maybe
I have a girlfriend
She is a daisy
She doesn't love me
She says I'm crazy
I do the washing
She does the sleeping
I do the cooking
She does the eating
Julida, Julida
I only love you
Julida, Julida
Say you love me too

Варіянти[ ]

Варіянт[ ]

  • When I got money
  • When I have money
  • She drinks gin cola
  • She drinks ginger cola

Виконання[ ]